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The Home of Vehicle ECU Cloning, Unlocking, Decoding, Sales and Services.

We supply ECU’s and offer services including cloning decoding  and repairs for new  and used engine - immobiliser - BSI - airbag ECU's. Contact us for a price quoting the part numbers on the ECU you require a service for. If you have a non start vehicle because of an ECU or immobiliser problem, contact us with your car details before searching for ECU sets. We see so many cases where this approach ends up costing much more, with further problems being stacked onto the original issue which we could have helped with for much less money.

With over 30 years experience in the automotive repair business huge changes have been observed.  Older ECU types can be tested for input, output and strategy related faults to a degree, but later modules unless common faults cannot be tested accurately especially for strategy or intermittent related problems.

The best test bench is the vehicle, so paying a GOOD diagnostic garage or mobile specialist is a worthy investment before wasting time and money making a simple problem more complicated. We can assist vehicle diagnostic engineers and DIY enthusiast with solutions which enables a used part to be used in a diagnostic process or permanent fitment.

We carry out repairs for many faults, like misfire due to missing sparks or locked immobiliser.

We require your replacement part that you want to use and your original in some cases.  Please contact us before sending parts so we can be sure to get everything needed to help you.

Please do not ask us to take on work which has been tampered with. 
It will cost you to have this returned in the same state it arrived.
We do not offer software or training services.

We aim to carry out our service or contact you within 24 hours.

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