Volvo Airbag Crash Data & Virgin Resetting

This is a Service, you will need to send us your part. Call us on 01373 302412 for the most competitive price.
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Product Code: Volvo Airbag
Tags: Volvo Airbag Crash Data & Virgin Resetting

We can reset the crash data held in various airbag modules and some engine ecu variants. Check the part numbers on your airbag module and compare to what we have listed.  If you do not see what you are looking for contact us.

We also reset a large selection of airbag modules back to a new state ready for programming in the same way a new part would be installed. Check our numbers if you cannot see what you are looking for get in touch.

Please Note: We do not repair airbags or test them.
Our service is a software correction service, we will not continue with water damaged parts or units which have been previously taken apart.

Some modules may require fault code clearing after crash reset has been carried out.

Part numbers coming soon.